Mk7 GTI Turbo Removal In Progress

Turbo Swap In Progress

A previous post described the Shuenk OEM+ IS38 that will be installed in my GTI.  Work has begun on the turbocharger swap.

Mk7 GTI Turbo Removal In Progress
Mk7 GTI Turbo Removal In Progress


Swap is complete and first start up was good, no leaks.  Now time to make a few shake down drives to ensure everything is operating correctly.

Shuenk OEM+ IS38 turbo swap
Shuenk OEM+ IS38 turbo swap

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  1. Chad — Shuenk Turbos is an offshoot of FrankenTurbo. We’re launching a new line of turbos that are what we call “OEM+”. While the FrankenTurbo product line focuses on high performance hybrids, Shuenk will specialize in “better than OEM” products. In the case of our turbo for the Mk7 — which we’re snappily calling the IS38+ — we’ve redesigned the internal assembly to much beefier specs. Everything is uprated: the rotor shaft, the compressor wheel stem, the journal bearings, the thrust bearing. These changes are to address the IHI turbo’s known failure rate. A much stronger rotating assembly will not break.

    We also tackled another known flaw with the OEM turbo: compressor surge. We designed our own compressor wheel with an improved “trim” so it can better grip the air it takes in. The new wheel has an added blade pair, extended tips & a changed blade pitch. In our years of experience at FrankenTurbo we’ve found the shape we’re introducing to be surge free. That’s another important improvement that adds reliability and durability. It likely will produce a bit more power as well.

    We don’t yet have anything more than a temporary web-page for Shuenk. But we DO have turbos in the hands of several testers. And we’ve sent inspection samples to FrankenTurbo’s biggest dealers as well. If things go well in the next weeks you can expect to find these turbos on ECS Tuning, UroTuning and other sites. They will be available directly through us on Amazon and Ebay as well.


    Doug Harper
    Shuenk Turbo

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