Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake for the Mk7 GTI

Eventuri Intake Flow Test

Another candidate for the best Mk7 GTI air intake is the Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake for the Mk7 GTI and Golf R.

There is a nice video showing the intended benefit of using the Eventuri intake:


The intake is marketed with emphasis placed on highlighting the effort Eventuri put into creating maximum airflow through the intake with minimal turbulence.  The intake is also said to be designed to provide “the lowest possible inlet air temperature.”

Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake for the Mk7 GTI
Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake for the Mk7 GTI

To see how well the Eventuri intake does at providing maximum airflow to the turbocharger the system is placed on the flow bench with the addition of a Racingline silicone intake hose and a CTS Turbo Inlet Elbow to complete the entire intake system.

Eventuri Intake Airflow Test Mk7 GTI
Eventuri Intake Airflow Test

Note: The inlet elbow shown in the picture above is not the CTS product that is listed in the data label of the chart below.  The Eventuri intake was tested with the CTS inlet and the generic model shown in the picture above to determine if the inlet elbow would change the airflow results, it did not.


The chart below shows how the Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake compares with some of the other air intake options for the Mk7 GTI including the stock GTI airbox.

Eventuri Mk7 GTI Intake Airflow Compared
Eventuri Intake Airflow Compared

The Eventuri Intake airflow performance is comparable to the other performance air intake systems that have been tested.

2 thoughts on “Eventuri Intake Flow Test”

  1. Michael Daniel Emedi

    ram air intakes really only show performance gains when you are actually moving. A ram-air intake is any intake design which uses the dynamic air pressure created by vehicle motion to increase the static air pressure inside of the intake manifold on an internal combustion engine, thus allowing a greater massflow through the engine and hence increasing engine power. Not really sure how your testing would show that?

    1. Michael, the test is to measure the resistance caused by the air intake system and compare that with other intake options.

      I looked into the ram air aspect of the product during tests with the air scoop and couldn’t measure any difference.


      I’m skeptical that in terms of ram air effects this intake does anything that a stock air box wouldn’t with just the drivers side of the grill opened up. I have considered going back to try and further evaluate the pressure differential between the air intake opening and compressor housing inlet, but the lack of any performance difference during the scoop tests has made this further testing a low priority.

      Ram air at the inlet is something different from the pressure drop across the intake (this test), but would be a nice thing to have if it works with this intake.

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