Engine Compartment Temperature Monitoring


As a continuation of the look into the effect of removing the seal at the back of the engine compartment, the temperature sensor is moved to a different location.

Test Procedure / Results:

The temperature sensor is moved to the fuel line that runs to the high-pressure fuel pump.

Temperature Sensor by HPFP
Temperature Sensor by HPFP

A routine drive is then made.

Temperature reading near HPFP
Temperature reading near HPFP

The air temperature at this location is similar to the temperature over the APR valve cover breather.

Next, the temperature sensor is located over the throttle body.

Temperature Sensor over Throttle Body
Temperature Sensor over Throttle Body

Another drive is recorded.

Temperature reading above Throttle Body
Temperature reading above throttle body

The average air temperature at this location is substantially lower than the other two locations.


The air temperature within the engine compartment when the vehicle is operating varies significantly by location.

Air temperature readings at locations separated by approximately 12 inches differed by 75 degrees Fahrenheit or more depending upon operating speed.

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  1. I used an old MK6 trick by removing the rubber strip along the cowl. You think this should help with temp readings?

  2. I would love to see an experiment testing and comparing Engine Compartment Temperature with a vented aftermarket hood compared to the OEM hood.

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