Mk7 GTI Stock Airbox Airflow Baseline

In the search for the best airbox for the Mk7 GTI, determining how various options compare, including stock, is the goal.  To that end a check of the stock airbox airflow in a configuration similar to that of the other aftermarket airboxes being evaluated is needed.

Mk7 GTI Stock Airbox on Flowbench
Mk7 GTI Stock Airbox on Flowbench

When measuring the airflow through the stock airbox with the stock turbo inlet elbow and the compressor housing adapter the value observed was 336 CFM @ 28″ of H2O.

4 thoughts on “Mk7 GTI Stock Airbox Airflow Baseline”

  1. Hi,

    can you review the affects to air intake temperature with the blockoff plate installed in the stock intake?

    apparently it helps direct cool ambient air into the airbox, while eliminating the “hot air” ingested from the engine bay inlet passage.

  2. That is something I want to look into. Thanks for the link to the part. After I get through with looking at the different airbox options I’ll start investigating ways to make them work a little better.

  3. Michael Hetzel

    Were you able to follow up on blockoff plate? I just bought a lightly used 2019 Rabbit, and currently almost stock.

    1. I haven’t done the temperature comparison. I don’t think I’ll purchase the plate, I may cover the opening with duct tape. I’ve been using the Eventuri intake lately.

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