do88 Turbo Inlet Elbow Flow Test

do88 Turbo Inlet Elbow Flow Test


do88 provides a turbo inlet pipe (elbow) for the Mk7 GTI. Previous testing has been performed with a number of different inlet elbows from other vendors. This test will compare the do88 inlet elbow for use with a stock turbo, not the hybrid option, with other available products.

Test Procedure:

The do88 turbo inlet pipe (TIP) will be attached to the flow bench using an adapter that simulates the inlet to an IS20/IS38 turbocharger. Because the do88 inlet elbow has a larger than stock diameter it is attached to an MST intake hose. The MST hose is then attached to the top half of a stock airbox. The purpose for using the stock airbox half is to smooth the entry of air into the hose.

do88 Turbo Inlet Elbow Flow Test
do88 Turbo Inlet Elbow Flow Test

Once the intake parts are assembled together the flow bench is operated at a test depression of 28″ of H2O to measure the airflow.

Test Results:

The do88 inlet elbow flows 415 CFM at 28″ of H2O. This result is shown along with other inlet elbows that were tested using this same setup in the following chart:

do88 Turbo Inlet Elbow Flow Test Results
do88 Turbo Inlet Elbow Flow Test Results

Note: Margin of error of measurement for any single test is approximately +/- 2 CFM. The margin of error is likely larger between different product tests due to potential alignment variances of the parts.


The do88 turbo inlet elbow for the Mk7 GTI was paired with an aftermarket inlet pipe and flow tested using a flow bench. At a test depression of 28″ of H2O the do88 elbow produced an airflow reading of 415 CFM. This result is among the highest airflow readings for the elbows that have been tested when using a larger than stock inlet pipe.


do88 Turbo Inlet Elbow Product Description

6 thoughts on “do88 Turbo Inlet Elbow Flow Test”

  1. fantastic site! can your extrapolate results to be similar for a mk7r, with the lager turbo?

    1. Yes, the relative ranking will remain the same with different airflow.

  2. Which do88 TIP was this? Like MST, they are two models, one is slightly larger.
    You should really be specifying this information as it can be misleading without it.

    1. It’s the one do88 identifies as “For do88” vs “For OEM”. I mentioned in the test procedure that this elbow is larger than stock.

      1. “For do88” refers to whether it comes with a longer inlet hose. There are multiple size options for the compressor end, which is a different TIP entirely.

        1. Ok. I see that on their website on the inlet hose and elbow section.
          do88 had sent me their “intake system” and I didn’t look at the other products.
          I’ll make a note to mention this is the size elbow that works with the stock turbo inlet, not hybrid.

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