S&B Filters Mk7 GTI Air Intake Flow Test

S&B Cold Air Intake Flow Test

S&B Filters produces a cold air intake for the Mk7 GTI that offers several options for how the airbox is configured.  For the purposes of the search for the best airbox for the Mk7 GTI the configuration I have chosen to test is with the product acting as a closed intake.

The top lid of the S&B intake can be removed, and there is a removable insert on the bottom side of the airbox that can be removed, both of which might allow for slightly more airflow through the intake, but would also allow engine compartment air in offsetting the purpose of having a “cold” air intake.

S&B Filters Mk7 GTI Air Intake Flow Test
S&B Filters Mk7 GTI Air Intake Flow Test

The image above is during setup of the flow test on the S&B Filters Cold Air Intake prior to the plastic cover being attached.

The S&B intake kit includes a pipe that joins the air filter to a turbocharger inlet elbow, but the setup does not include an elbow.  For this airflow test a Burger Motorsport inlet elbow was chosen to be used in conjunction with the S&B intake as the BMS product has performed well in previous airflow tests that were part of the investigation to find the best turbo inlet pipe for the Mk7.

On the flow bench in a closed configuration the S&B Filters Cold Air Intake flowed 385 CFM @ 28″ of H2O.  The S&B intake results are shown on the chart below along with the other Mk7 GTI air intakes that have been flow tested so far.

Mk7 GTI Airbox Intake Flow Comparison (Interim Results)
Mk7 GTI Airbox Intake Flow Comparison (Interim Results)


6 thoughts on “S&B Cold Air Intake Flow Test”

  1. Keep up the good work and thank you for doing this. I am leaning towards buying the S&B intake, but will hold off until you have completed testing all the other intakes.

    1. Thanks! Testing of airflow should be done soon, then I’ll be evaluating intake temperatures.

  2. HeyJeff,
    Did you try the S&B air intake test, but without the lid on? So kind of a open air intake instead of close?
    I’d be curious to see CFM numbers vs lid on. What about removing the bottom side insert?
    Do you think engine heat would offset the gained CFM?

    1. Yes, I did try a few variations. With the intake attached to an inlet elbow and closed I got the above 385 CFM. Opening the bottom flowed 392. Top only open was 396 and with top and bottom open it was also 396. I think the difference between being open and closed will be too small to notice.

      1. Great. I’m kind of into the S&B setup. Currently running :
        Stock airbox (air entrance not dremeled), K&N drop in filter, snow grate removed, CTS sillicone hose, CTS TIP. So the S&B would not add much CFM vs my current setup if I look at your tests. Would only be esthetic/noise upgrade.
        BTW got to say you are doing awesome job testing all setups. Your site is a reference on several MK7-MQB FB groups.

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