Afternoon Commute Underhood Temperatures

Underhood Temperatures

With temperature sensors in place readings were taken during a daily commute to evaluate conditions at several locations within the engine compartment.

Afternoon Commute Underhood Temperatures
Afternoon Commute Underhood Temperatures

One notable result is the lack of correlation between the temperature in the area of the turbocharger and the temperature exiting the intercooler.  Even when the temperature near the turbo peaks at over 160F the temperature of the air exiting the intercooler is slightly over ambient.

Another interesting result is the rate at which the temperature near the turbocharger drops prior to the car moving, and also after the car begins to move.  Possibly a fan has turned on while stationary and produced the temperature drop.

4 thoughts on “Underhood Temperatures”

  1. Zhantore Tolegenov

    Extremely helpful web-site! Thank you for all you do for the community. It will be great to test the effect of turbo blanket on the intake and underhood temp. Also maybe some comments on the possible longevity of the turbo and any possible dangers.

    1. Thanks Zhantore! From what I have read the turbo blanket install is a bit of a pain so I’m holding off until I get extra motivated to start testing that product. Because I tend to change setups around I don’t think I’ll get to address longevity using a turbo blanket.

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