Apex Race Parts Mk7 Group Buy

Stoked to see this Apex Group Buy for their track ready wheels go live two years after posting about the interest survey.

Summarizing some of the details from the Group Buy overview:

  • SM-10 wheels for the MK7 VW GTI/R
  • 17” and 18” wheels
  • 8.5” and 9” widths
  • Clear many of the popular big brake kits
  • Lifetime structural warranty against defects in workmanship and materials
  • 50% Off Replacement Wheels

More details can be found at the group buy page: Link to the Group Buy

Update: Max discount has been reached! These wheels are available for $1,026 ($256.50 per wheel) with free shipping.

Wheel color options are shown below:



Satin Black

Link to the Group Buy

Apex product description from the group buy overview:

Strong, lightweight, affordable wheels optimized for the MK7 VW Golf chassis.

Introducing the new SM-10 wheels for the MK7 VW GTI/R chassis. These 17” and 18” wheels will be offered in both 8.5” and 9” widths to ensure all types of drivers have access to the right wheel fitment for their specific needs. When the team at APEX Race Parts initially reached out to the Volkswagen community with the intention to offer a race-focused wheel line for the MK7 Golf chassis, the feature and functionality requests from engaged enthusiasts were overwhelming. We quickly learned there were numerous gaps in the current aftermarket offerings, and as a result, we made it our mission to engineer better wheel solutions for VW drivers on and off the race track.

Specifically, there was a demand for an aggressive, strong, and lightweight 17” track-focused wheel line with the ability to clear many of the popular big brake kits that typically forced enthusiasts to use 18″ wheels. For weekend track warriors and racers, running unnecessarily large 18” wheels meant more weight, less tire sidewall, and higher tire running costs. Leveraging laser scanning and exhaustive on-car fitment testing sessions, our engineers optimized the barrel shape and spoke curvatures of the SM-10 design which allows our most track-focused 17×9” wheel to clear the popular Macan/Q5 340mm brake upgrade, as well as noteworthy aftermarket BBK’s like Essex AP Racing and StopTech 355mm kits.

This deal allows enthusiasts around the world to “GangUp” for a chance to receive a significant discount on the first launch of these wheels. The more enthusiasts that pledge, the higher the discount will be. With the ability to set a required discount, there is no risk in signing up early, as orders will only be processed if we unlock your desired discount. For over 13 years now our mission at APEX has been to provide weekend track warriors and competitive club racers with lightweight, durable wheels at affordable pricing. Our new line of SM-10 wheels builds upon these principles, and we are excited to offer them to the VW community.

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