IC External Airflow – Baun & ARM


This post summarizes a test of the external airflow through a Vibrant 12810 intercooler, the model used in the Baun Performance FMIC kit, and the ARM Motorsport FMIC.

Previously the reason for performing this test, along with the initial results, were provided in this post and I won’t repeat the information from that post here.

Test Procedure:

As described in the previous post the intercoolers are set on an adapter that seals the external passages so that airflow through the external passages can be measured.

The intercooler is rotated twice to generate three measurements that are then averaged. A fourth measurement is made if there is a difference in the first three measurements exceeding the +/- 2CFM margin of error of the flow bench measurements.

Baun Performance - Vibrant Intercooler
Baun Performance – Vibrant Intercooler

Test Results:

Tested first is the Vibrant / Baun Performance intercooler resulting in an average airflow of 316 CFM @ 10″ of H2O.

The ARM Motorsport intercooler is tested second.

ARM Motorsport Intercooler
ARM Motorsport Intercooler

Average airflow with the ARM FMIC is 328 CFM @ 10″ of H2O.

A summary of all of the intercoolers that have been tested in this manner is shown on the chart:

Intercooler External Airflow
Intercooler External Airflow


External cooling airflow through an ARM Motorsport FMIC and Vibrant/Baun Performance FMIC was measured using a flow bench. The ARM FMIC flowed 328 CFM and the Vibrant FMIC flowed 316 CFM at a test depression of 10″ of H2O.