Stratified DSG Tuning v6

Stratified Automotive Controls sent the next revision to the Mk7 GTI DSG tune.

  • This version is hitting all of the off-pedal downshift target engine speeds.
  • On-pedal upshifts for all gears within the range identified for adjustment are hitting the target engine speeds.
  • On-pedal downshift for 6 to 5 is looking good.

Recommended changes for the next update involve the on-pedal downshifts for the other gears.

Overall the tune has shown more progress and is close to completion.

4 thoughts on “Stratified DSG Tuning v6”

  1. First I’d like to thank you for all those posts on various subjects, helping me a lot to make rational choices on my R.

    Question regarding Stratified, I already use them for the ECU tune and I’m very satisfied with the progress, we’re close to completion. Ialao have the Cobb DSG Sport tune. On your post recommending DSG tunes, you recommend APR over stratified – is that still accurate with the progress made on the customization?

    Also are your customization public? (Can I ask them for your tune for example)


  2. You’re welcome! The current version of the Stratified beta TCU tune is better (in my opinion) than the APR TCU tune. I’ve been providing Stratified feedback on the update they are making, the final version won’t be a custom tune for me but is an update to the product they offer for the GTI DQ250 DSG. I don’t know how they plan to address making the update available to existing customers. I’m driving on version 7 currently and have provided some feedback to them. It is close to being finished, but they are also busy so it sometimes takes a couple of weeks to receive an update.

    1. I hear you! With the summer they’ve been slower on my tune as well.
      I have the 7 speed DSG (mk7.5 R) so I’m hoping they are translating your findings to that one as well.

      May I ask what are your wheels and tires? I’m looking to downsize from the factory 19 inches to 17 or 18 inches, looking for inspiration!

      1. I have 17″ SSR Competition wheels. I don’t believe they are available anymore.

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