AC Comparison with Bicooler Intercoolers

AC and Intercoolers

Curious as to how the AC affects the intercooler performance a drive was taken with the AC off, and then repeated the next day with the AC on, logging the temperature exiting the intercooler.

Note: Temperature exiting the intercooler is not the Intake Air Temperature.  IC Out is a reading from a temperature probe located in the bottom of the cold side charge pipe.  IAT is measured inside the intake manifold.

The GTI is equipped with an aftermarket stock location intercooler along with a Majesty FMIC, the two functioning as a bicooler.

AC Comparison with Bicooler Intercoolers
AC Comparison with Bicooler Intercoolers

Not surprisingly the temperature exiting the intercoolers is slightly higher when the AC is operating.  During periods of brief acceleration the difference between AC on and AC off on the Intercooler Outlet Temperature is approximately 5-7 degrees Fahrenheit.

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