Fact Check: JDY Performance


Plagiarism – To steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own


JDY Performance Claims:

Here is the JDY Performance description for their Audi RS3 FMIC:

JDY Performance – RS3 FMIC Performance Claims

When I read the description I thought it was similar to an over-the-top description I have read before.

Here is the Integrated Engineering description for the Mk7 Intercooler, which I posted a fact check of three years ago:

Integrated Engineering – MQB IC Performance Claims

Looking at the JDY Performance claims side-by-side with Integrated Engineering:

No surprise to find that JDY Performance is based in China:

JDY Address


It makes you wonder how much work they put into the “development through Computation Fluid Dynamics analysis“, or if that claim was also lifted from the IE page where it says “Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) optimized“.

JDY Performance ought to revise it’s advertising to say:

JDY products are all about efficiency and performance, and plagiarism.

Proposed JDY Performance slogan

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