APR IC External Airflow Testing


Mk7 GTI intercoolers are being subjected to an external fin airflow test. For the test described in this post, the APR stock location intercooler is being measured.

APR IC External Airflow Testing
APR IC External Airflow Testing

Test Procedure:

The intercooler is set upon an adapter that is connected to a flow bench. Air is drawn through the external fins of the intercooler at a depression of 10″ of H2O and the airflow is measured.

The intercooler is rotated and another measure is taken to check for consistency. If a difference greater than 1 CFM is observed then a third, and potentially a fourth measurement will be made after rotating the intercooler to facilitate calculating an average airflow value.

More details about the design of this experiment are provided in this post.

Test Results:

The APR intercooler flows 368 CFM @ 10″ of H2O through the external fins. This result is shown on the chart below along with other intercoolers that have been tested.

APR IC External Airflow Test Results
APR IC External Airflow Test Results


The APR stock location intercooler was tested for external airflow and found to flow 368 CFM @ 10″ of H2O. The APR intercooler flow measurement is in the top third of all of the intercoolers that have been tested thus far.

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