Shuenk IS38+ Boost & Temperatures

Shuenk IS38+ Boost and Temps

Comparing the Intercooler Outlet Temperature with the GTI reported Intake Air Temperature during a third gear pull was the main goal of this data logging.

Shuenk IS38+ Boost & Temperatures
IS38+ Boost & Temperatures

I am further disappointed by the performance of the GTI IAT sensor in reporting air temperature data.  By the end of this pull the temperature exiting the Intercooler setup (Unitronic DF + eBay FMIC Bicooler) is 86F but the IAT sensor is reporting 95F.  Even allowing for a degree or two of inaccuracy on the part of each sensor the stock GTI IAT sensor is reading high.

Worth pointing out on this chart is the delta between the turbo exit temperature, approximately 340F by the end of the pull, and the 95F intake air temperature, which is 14F over ambient.  It is common to see Intercooler performance being assessed as x degrees above ambient, for example 8F above ambient or 15F above ambient.  Without knowing the starting temperature the ending temperature loses meaning.  Additionally, whether the temperature drop is 245F or 238F does not substantially change how efficiently IC is functioning.

Using the acceleration data from the above log and estimates for tire rolling resistance, wind resistance, and total weight, produces this estimate for torque and horsepower during the pull.

Shuenk IS38+ Estimated Wheel Horsepower and Wheel Torque
IS38+ Estimated WHP & WTQ

4 thoughts on “Shuenk IS38+ Boost and Temps”

    1. It is likely incorrect. I don’t have solid information for the Cd or the frontal area of the vehicle, the tiring rolling resistance, or the actual weight of my GTI. It’s just a guess.

      When I finish getting the tune made I’ll head over to a Dyno and see how it does.

  1. Thanks for all your testing, I am very interested in getting one of this turbo. Saving up for a IS38 turbo of some kind and this one really has my interest peaked, just zero info online beside yours at the moment.

    1. Hey Darrell, I’ve seen a couple dyno charts made with this turbo, I’ll post them up tomorrow. It’s still pretty early on but looks like user results are starting to pop up.

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