Mk7 GTI Snow Guard Flow Test Parts

Snow Guard Flow Test Part 2


Previously an air flow test was performed to measure the difference caused by the grate in the bottom of the stock airbox.

That test utilized the stock air filter and stock accordion hose with a direct attachment to the flow bench.

A request was made to repeat the test utilizing an aftermarket air filter and MST intake hose and turbo inlet elbow to assess how the grate affected airflow through these components.

Test Procedure:

A stock air box is fitted with an aFe dry flow air filter and the MST Performance inlet hose and turbo inlet pipe.  This air intake is attached to the flow bench by an adapter that simulates the IS20/IS38 turbo compressor housing inlet.

Note: Addition of the TIP and use of the compressor simulating adapter is a significant change from the previous test where the inlet hose was attached directly to the flow bench.

Mk7 GTI Snow Guard Flow Test Parts
Mk7 GTI Snow Guard Flow Test Parts

Once attached to the flow bench the airflow through the intake with the grate installed, and with the grate removed, is measured.  The test is conducted at a depression of 28″ of H2O.

Mk7 GTI Snow Guard Flow Test
Mk7 GTI Snow Guard Flow Test

Test Results:

Measurements made with the grate installed and removed are shown on the following chart:

Mk7 GTI Snow Guard Flow Test Results
Mk7 GTI Snow Guard Flow Test Results

Consistent with previous test results the air flow through the intake for both test cases is significantly reduced with the addition of the turbo inlet elbow and compressor sized adapter.


Removal of the airbox grate produces a small increase in airflow through the intake from 373 to 379 CFM.

6 thoughts on “Snow Guard Flow Test Part 2”

  1. Will you update your master chart to show this complete combo (high flow filter, no grate, stock box, upgraded hose/inlet) along with all the aftermarket options? Looks to be close to many of them. Great work!

    1. Thanks Adam, the chart on this page includes this combination – I just don’t explicitly call out removing the grate, I call it the Mod Stk.

      As for the different flow numbers from the previous test, probably due to parts alignment being slightly different. I suspect people generally don’t appreciate how small the airflow differences are that can be measured with the flow bench.

      1. So 383 vs. the 393 for the IE open – it really is the budget winner for sure.

    1. Interesting results, those modifications made more of a difference than I would have guessed.

      1. yes Jeff, but it`s a 8 GTi with Turbo Inlet now OEM Diameter 50mm vs. before 48mm and Air in pipe 65mm. The pressure pipe is now without constriction. 7R make with this Mod 12-15 real PS, a little bit less..

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