Treadstone TR8L Intercooler

Treadstone TR8L Street Data


The Treadstone TR8L intercooler is the central part of the JD Eurosport / LT Motorsports FMIC kit.

Treadstone TR8L Intercooler
Treadstone TR8L Intercooler

This intercooler was flow tested and then installed on the GTI a while ago, but the street temperature data had not been put into charts and published. This post is to get that work done.

Test Procedure:

The GTI is placed in third gear and accelerated at full throttle from approximately 2000 rpm to over 6000 rpm and the intake air temperature over ambient is compared.

Test Results:

Back to back pulls are shown on the chart:

Treadstone TR8L / JD Eurosport FMIC Pulls
Treadstone TR8L / JD Eurosport FMIC Pulls

Overlaying the two data sets is shown below:

jd eurosport treadstone tr8l intercooler
Treadstone TR8L / JD Eurosport FMIC Street Data


The Treadstone TR8L intercooler outputs air temperatures approximately 20-25 degF above ambient on my IS38 equipped GTI. This is the largest temperature delta that I have recorded with an aftermarket intercooler.

The TR8L is a variation of the Treadstone TR8 intercooler that is purposefully constructed to reduce pressure drop. It is possible this design decision is leading to the intake air temperatures being higher than have been recorded with other tested FMIC’s.


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  1. Looking for an intercooler, going stage 2 soon. Do you recommend any good ICs for a solid price?

    1. I’ve summarized the intercoolers that I have tested on this page. There are also links to most of the individual tests. Every aftermarket IC I have tested has improved upon the stock IC performance.

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