EQT Custom Tune Boost Profile - IS38+

EQT Custom Tuning Update

Update on the Equilibrium Tuning custom tune of my GTI, still with the Shuenk IS38+ turbocharger.  The last update to the tuning progress was when I had decided that fuel pressure was not staying as high as I wanted and so I decided to install an HPA high pressure fuel pump.  Before installing the pump I took the GTI to a dyno session to capture stock fueling performance.

Since making those changes I have probably been the slowest customer that EQT is working with, taking longer for me to provide them with my datalogs than it takes for EQT to turnaround a tune revision.  Frequently having my car apart to try different parts has a way of impeding progress.

Tuning has been going well and I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Showing some solid boost performance as illustrated in the chart below:

EQT Custom Tune Boost Profile - IS38+
EQT Custom Tune Boost Profile – IS38+


4 thoughts on “EQT Custom Tuning Update”

  1. What’s your goal power wise here and fuel?

    I went with a Shuenk (mostly because of your blog too btw.) And have been enjoying it. On APR Stage 3 91 High Torque at the moment. About to do the HPA pump myself because I want to go with EQT for some base 91 files, as well as some ethanol files.

    Figured i’d ask because our cars are a lot alike and you went with who I’m gonna jump ship to from APR.

    1. I didn’t have a power goal in mind, I was using the turbo to see what kind of performance it has, i.e. boost onset and ability to hold boost. I’m sticking with 93 octane fuel for now. I still need to have a follow up dyno session with the current tune revision, that is making a little more boost than what it was with the stock HPFP.

  2. Hey said I just got my hpa hpfp have you had issue ever since that one time ?? Really worried about that

    1. I haven’t had any issues since they serviced it. I asked HPA about it in relation to their warranty and they said they don’t see many issues with the pump but there were a few around the time I purchased mine that they had problems with.

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