Mk7 GTI Stock Intercooler Drive 3

This is the third in a series of drives around a course that has the GTI traveling at typical suburb commuting speeds.  The point being to assess the engine Intake Air Temperatures with the stock intercooler.

This drive was undertaken when the outside air temperature was around 87 degF, about 20 degrees warmer than the last drive.  The IAT is shown in the chart below:

Mk7 GTI Stock Intercooler drive - 87F
Mk7 GTI Stock Intercooler drive – 87F

The variation in IAT is similar to the last drive although it is now higher.  There are no notable differences from the last drive.

Once again looking at the boost events near the end of the drive:

Mk7 GTI Stock Intercooler IAT and Boost
Mk7 GTI Stock Intercooler IAT and Boost

As seen during the other drive upon accelerating under boost there is a rapid drop in the Intake Air Temperature.  This time the temperature drops to within approximately 25 degrees of ambient.  In comparison during the cooler weather drive the IAT dropped within approximately 12 degrees of ambient at the same point of the drive.  The higher outside air temperature from this latest drive should reduce the efficiency of the intercooler, and the results from this warmer day drive support that idea.

To be determined is how the addition of an eBay FMIC that looks like a copycat of the Mabotech intercooler will affect intake air temperature over the evaluation route.