APR Closed or Open Intake


The subject of closed intakes versus open intakes is popular for debate over the significance of delivering “cold” air to the engine.

APR recently introduced a new intake that fits the Mk7:

Which is better:

The open design of the intake prompted a question from a consumer about open intakes:

From this statement, it seems that APR’s position is that a ton of air is rushing through the engine compartment, so there won’t be much of a difference using the open intake.

This isn’t the only intake APR sells to consumers for the Mk7, on their website they have a closed intake that they describe the benefits of:

In the case of APR’s closed intake, the company says that Intake Air Temperatures are critical to engine performance, and they use a sealed design to prevent the ingestion of hot, under-hood air.


So what is it? Is a sealed (closed) design that keeps the engine from ingesting hot, under-hood air critical for engine performance?

Or is there a ton of air rushing through the engine compartment such that having an open intake instead of a closed one makes no difference?

Or, do you simply tell consumers whatever is convenient to sell products?


4 thoughts on “APR Closed or Open Intake”

  1. HAHA good one and v. true. To me the open intakes are primarily for noise and cost savings while accepting increased air temps to the turbo but getting more flow. I also find it interesting that for their older closed design, they tout that it doesn’t block the “engine cooling duct”…I wasn’t aware anyone actually conclusively knew that that duct was for as their are several ideas on it.

    1. As far as I can tell there are products in both categories that do an adequate job on both accounts. It’s when splitting hairs, or speaking with non-specific generalities, that things start getting murky.

      I doubt they know what it’s for.

  2. It seems like manufacturers will say anything that will feed the customers confirmation bias.

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