Unitronic Intake Flow Test


The Unitronic intake for the Mk7 is subject to a flow test.

Unitronic Mk7 Intake Flow Test
Unitronic Mk7 Intake Flow Test

The system consists of a duct that replaces the stock duct, an airbox housing a cylindrical filter, and a turbo inlet hose that tapers to fit with a stock-size inlet elbow.

Test Procedure:

For this test, the Unitronic intake is attached to the flow bench adapter using a 034 Motorsport turbo inlet elbow.

The flow bench adapter, which simulates the compressor inlet of the IS20/IS38 turbochargers, connects the elbow to the flow bench.

The flow bench is operated at 28″ of H2O pressure and the airflow rate through the intake is recorded at this pressure.

Unitronic Mk7 Intake Flow Test - Filter Swap
Unitronic Mk7 Intake Flow Test – Filter Swap

Test Results:

The Unitronic intake flows 380 CFM @ 28″ of H2O.

This is a 13% increase over the stock intake but towards the lower end of the ranking of intakes that have been flow-tested in this manner.


The Unitronic Mk7 intake system was the subject of a flow test. The Unitronic intake flowed 380 CFM @ 28″ of H2O, a 13% increase over the stock Mk7 intake.


2 thoughts on “Unitronic Intake Flow Test”

  1. I have this one.. nice looking but filter is small which is the likely reduced flow source vs. other setups.

    1. The piping after the filter is a little smaller than some and has more bends than is ideal. I also think there may be some shrouding of the filter taking place. On the other hand, for a stock turbo setup I don’t think there’s any meaningful difference in performance compared to the highest flowing open intakes.

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