Mk7 GTI Restrictive Parts List

Restrictive Area Sign

The following stock Mk7 GTI parts have been identified by aftermarket parts vendors as being a “restriction“:

Air Filter:

“Typically your engine is equipped with a cheap, mass-produced and restrictive paper filter system



“these true performance designs remove the restrictive factory intake systems

Integrated Engineering

“the factory air filter, upper airbox, and turbo inlet tube were deemed too restrictive..”

034 Motorsports

Turbo Inlet Hose:

“replaces the entire restrictive rear factory plastic ‘bellows’ pipe…”


 “replacement for the unattractive and restrictive OEM corrugated plastic hose.”

034 Motorsports

Turbo Inlet Elbow:

“the necked-down design becomes a major flow restriction

Integrated Engineering

“eliminate upstream airflow restrictions…”


“replace the small and restrictive plastic factory inlet.”


Turbo Muffler:

“replaces the restrictive, power-robbing compressor outlet…”


“The OEM turbo muffler is just that, a wasteful restrictive part…”

Leyo Motorsport

Charge Pipes:

“eliminates restrictions in the boost (charge) piping..”


“plastic and rubber turbo outlet pipe is a small and restrictive..”


Intake Manifold:

“addresses all the concerns of the restrictive stock manifold”

Galano Engineering

Intake Manifold Flaps:

“allows for the removal of the restrictive intake flappers …”

CTS Turbo


“replace the restrictive factory downpipe..”

034 Motorsports

“replaces restrictive 60mm factory tubing”

Integrated Engineering


“removing restriction and reducing back pressure.”


With all of those restrictions, it’s a wonder the stock Mk7 GTI can operate.

2 thoughts on “Mk7 GTI Restrictive Parts List”

  1. To be fair, your own testing indicates some of those claims to be accurate, at least in a few cases. The of the TIP is a pretty clear example. The downpipe as well, if you are willing to remove the catalytic converters and go to 3″. But I do agree that most of the “restrictive” claims made by most aftermarket manufacturers are exaggerated or false.

    1. I get a chuckle from the non-descriptive use of the term restrictive. Any part is going to create restrictions, including all of those aftermarket parts. Saying that a part is restrictive is stating the obvious in a vague way that is done to imply superiority of the alternative being offered for sale without providing the consumer with useful information to decide if the purchase is justified.

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