Flow Bench Tests Are Flawed

Flow Bench Testing Air Intakes

“Flow tests are flawed.” – Arin Ahnell, Marketing Director, Audi Performance & Racing


Comments above were in the context of a discussion about the flow testing done with the APR Carbon Fiber intake.

After three days of waiting for a response to my questions it seems that answers will not be given.

APR intake flow bench results
APR intake flow bench results

Apparently flow bench testing of the stock intake is flawed and skews results when it is somebody else’s work.  

If you’re APR and you do the same thing it’s part of your “spare no expenses” , “derive the best possible solution“, “flow-bench validation“, “research and development period“.

APR R&D using a flow bench
APR intake R&D using a flow bench

Lucky for APR Arin is in marketing and not engineering.

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