Mk7 GTI PCV Breather Hose

How often do you hear someone on a car forum say in reference to some inexplicable design aspect, “well the engineers at <name of your favorite manufacturer> must have had a reason for doing it this way.”

Case in point is the PCV Breather Hose connection to the Turbocharger Inlet Pipe on the Mk7 GTI.

Mk7 GTI PCV Breather Hose
Mk7 GTI PCV Breather Hose

Getting this bugger off is unnecessarily more difficult than it should be.  This type of attachment is almost always seen with an exterior ring with two areas identified for being pinched between two fingers in order to release the hose attachment from the TIP.

Not is this case.  This part has no such feature and the result is that a small screw driver must be wedged between the two parts to try and pry the hose from the TIP and likely a good bit of time will be invested in order to achieve success.

The engineers at VW must have had a reason for doing it this way…”  Yeah sure, more like when this part was being designed they gave the assignment to the new intern and didn’t give that person adequate oversight.

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