Mid-term IC Comparison

Three intercoolers I’ve hung onto to conduct additional evaluation with are the APR, do88, and IE v1 stock location replacements.

do88 Mk7 GTI Intercooler
Integrated Engineering Intercooler Installation

Each have been in the GTI for a period of time that has allowed for gathering more data.

The data I presently use for comparison is generated from a full throttle third gear pull. The intake air temperature minus the ambient air temperature at 6,000 RPM is the value used for comparing the intercoolers.

Third Gear Pull Example

A series of pulls made at different times for each intercooler is the source data for this comparison.

The chart below shows the data for each of these intercoolers in a box plot. The number following the brand in the title is the number of data points recorded for that product.

Intercooler Comparison

There is a 5 degree Fahrenheit range between the average temperature deltas for all three products.