Mk7 GTI eBay FMIC First Drive

An eBay Front Mount Intercooler is installed to be used along with the Mk7 GTI Stock Intercooler to form a Twintercooler setup.

Mk7 GTI FMIC - eBay V
Mk7 GTI FMIC – eBay V2

The GTI was then driven around a “test route”.

Intercooler Test Route
Intercooler Test Route

The Intake Air Temperature, Vehicle Speed, Outside Air Temperature, and Boost Pressure are measured throughout the course of the drive.


This information is then compiled and presented on a single chart, shown below:

Mk7 GTI eBay FMIC v2 Initial Drive
Mk7 GTI eBay FMIC v2 Initial Drive


The Intake Air Temperature crept up more during this drive than what was expected.  During a couple of short bursts of acceleration the Intake Air Temperature drops quickly but remains between 10-20 degF above the outside air temperature.