EQT Claims – Update

While working on a post to address a false statement made by Ed Susman from Equilibrium Tuning about me, I visited the EQT webstore to check some information published by EQT for the Blaze Performance ATOM V2 intake.

One claim, in particular, was the subject of an analysis I made almost a year ago detailing the lack of substantiation for the circled claims.

EQT Claim - Pre Oct 2023
EQT Claim – Pre Oct 2023

Now, after nearly a year of selling the product, while failing to substantiate these claims;

EQT statement - November 2022
EQT statement – November 2022

The advertisement has been updated:

EQT Claim - Oct 2023
EQT Claim – Oct 2023

One may conclude that the failure of EQT to substantiate the claim over the past year, and now with the removal of the claim:

We have data to back up our claims. We’re not publishing it or releasing it until we’re ready to do so as already stated.

James At EQT

That EQT will never be “ready” to publish the data they claimed to have had.

As my recent posts have started to highlight, the ethics exhibited by Equilibrium Tuning personnel are often suspect.

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    1. You’re welcome!
      It’s unfortunate that dealing with businesses such as this is part of the experience owning a Mk7.

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