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Last year I made a post where I discussed the advertising Equilibrium Tuning has for the Blaze Performance intake and pointed out that EQT had not provided consumers with substantiation for the claims about the intake.

EQT Unsubstantiated Performance Claim
EQT Unsubstantiated Performance Claim

After making the post multiple members of Equilibrium Tuning responded, including owner Ed Susman, Matt At EQT, and Cliff At EQT.

Previously I reviewed the comments made by Ed Susman and Matt.

In this post, I will review the comments Cliff At EQT made in response to my post about their advertising claims lacking substantiation.


Cliff’s response had nothing to do with the issue of the unsubstantiated claims, so some extra background is needed to try and understand what he is talking about.

Pre-Shipping Discussions

In the fall of 2022, Blaze Performance coordinated with me to test some of their products.

They informed me that an ATOM Race intake would be provided by a customer of theirs in the United States who had received a damaged unit.

Message from Blaze Performance About Product for Testing
Message from Blaze Performance About Product for Testing

Blaze provided me with a picture of the damaged ATOM Race case:

Blaze Performance Description of Product Damage
Product Shipped to Jeff for Flow Testing
The product shipped to Jeff for Flow Testing

After taking receipt of the intake parts from their customer I felt that I could work with the case to perform flow testing of the intake.

Blaze also let me know that this design had subsequently been revised to address the susceptibility to damage during shipping.

Blaze Performance Description of First Gen. Casing Issues
Blaze Performance Description of First Gen. Casing Issues

End of test discussion

When I was finishing the testing of the Blaze intake parts I received a message from Blaze Performance wondering if it would be possible for me to contact a customer of theirs in the United States and ship a Blaze part I had to that customer because they had damaged their part:

Blaze Performance request to ship part to customer
Blaze Performance requested to ship a part to their customer

I obliged the request from Blaze Performance and sent the part to their customer.

With the testing complete I coordinated returning the remaining parts to Blaze Performance, some of which went to Atlanta for return to South Africa and others to EQT.

Comments analysis:

According to the social media information, Cliff is the Chief Operations Officer at Equilibrium Tuning INC.

After my post about the unsubstantiated claims that EQT makes for the Blaze intake Cliff follows a trend from people at Equilibrium Tuning by changing the subject to something completely unrelated to the issue I raised (Red Herring logical fallacy).

Cliff blamed me for damage to the Blaze intake that was sent to me as a damaged unit. Additionally, after obliging Blaze Performance’s request to send part of the kit to a customer, and other parts to another person who would get them back to Blaze in South Africa, Cliff At EQT makes accusations about me being responsible for “missing components“.

Cliff At EQT Product Damage & Loss Accusations
Cliff At EQT Product Damage & Loss Accusations


A first-generation Blaze Performance intake case with a manufacturer-reported issue of being easily damaged, which is stated by the manufacturer to be damaged, is sent to me from a Blaze Performance customer in the United States to test with.

Cliff At EQT responds to my concern with EQT’s lacking substantiation for advertising claims by going onto social media and dodging the unsubstantiated claim issue while accusing me of being responsible for damage to the previously damaged case.

Blaze Performance requests that I send a part from the kit I am testing to one of their customers, and other parts back to South Africa.

Cliff At EQT continues on social media accusing me of leaving a part out of the shipment when I followed Blaze Performance’s direction and sent the remainder of the kit to EQT.

The owner of Equilibrium Tuning, Ed Susman, gives Chief Operations Officers Cliff a “Like” after posting his accusations on social media.

Cliff At EQT gets attaboy from owner Ed Susman


Instead of addressing the absence of product claim substantiation by EQT, Cliff, EQT’s Chief Operations Officer (COO), responded with a Red Herring (logical fallacy) by changing subjects and making accusations about my responsibility for the condition and composition of the Blaze Performance parts Blaze Performance provided to me.

The owner of Equilibrium Tuning, Ed Susman, approves of his chief operations officer for making these accusations.

The failure of EQT personnel to address the issue of their unsubstantiated advertising claims and instead make ad hominem attacks against me is a recurring trend amongst EQT personnel.

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