Mk7 GTI Turbo Inlet Pipe Evaluation

The following is a comparison of two Mk7 GTI Airbox setups paired with two Turbocharger Inlet Pipe options.

The Products:

The Mk7 GTI stock airbox with aFe Dryflow air filter and stock turbocharger inlet pipe along with the APR Carbon Fiber airbox and APR turbocharger inlet pipe form the group of components used in this comparison.

The Setup:

Four cases are compared: the stock airbox with stock TIP, stock airbox with APR TIP, APR airbox with stock TIP, and finally APR airbox with APR TIP.

The Results:

The comparison of these four test cases is shown below:

OEM Mk7 GTI TIP vs APR TIP Stock Airbox and APR Intake
OEM Mk7 GTI TIP vs APR TIP (Stock Airbox with aFe filter and APR Intake)


The APR turbocharger inlet pipe allows for a noticeable gain in airflow over the stock TIP when coupled with either the APR airbox or stock airbox with aFe air filter.

Gains from the APR airbox alone are less obvious, but are present, showing approximately a 1% gain over the stock airbox with aFe filter when using the stock TIP and 1.5% gain when using the APR TIP.