Baun Performance Midpipe


Testing out some downpipes created an issue because my CTS downpipe had been custom fit to an AWE midpipe and no other downpipe was going to connect easily.

What was needed was a new AWE mid-pipe, with a good resonator. Purchasing a mid-pipe from AWE-Tuning and having a Vibrant resonator installed was an option. The down side was that the mid-pipe isn’t cheap, plus shipping, then add in the resonator, and paying an exhaust shop to hopefully do a good job. I was looking at spending more than I wanted and probably being dissatisfied with the quality of the end product.

Another option I learned of was the Baun Performance mid-pipe that is optionally made to fit with the AWE-Tuning muffler section. I could count on a good quality product that came with the Vibrant resonator installed, and it looked to be a less expensive option on top of the excellent quality. A win all-around.

Baun Performance AWE Fitment Mid -Pipe
Baun Performance AWE Fitment Mid -Pipe

I happened to catch a relative lull in the Baun Performance work schedule and only needed to wait about a week after saying I wanted one before it was being welded together. It was a couple short days after that when the mid-pipe arrived.