Mk7 GTI Stock Muffler and Turbo Outlet Simulator

Integrated Engineering Turbo Muffler vs Stock

Measuring airflow differences through charge piping from the turbocharger to the intercooler with a change of turbo muffler is the objective of this test.

The Mk7 GTI stock turbo muffler is compared with the Integrated Engineering Turbo Outlet Delete.

A pair of CTS charge pipes are used along with an APR turbo muffler silicone hose and the stock GTI intercooler hose.

The test setup is shown below:

Mk7 GTI Turbo Outlet Muffler Airflow Test Setup
Turbo Muffler Delete Airflow Test Setup

An additional part was made to simulate the compressor outlet that the turbo muffler sits within.  This part is shown below with the stock Mk7 GTI turbo muffler installed.

Mk7 GTI Stock Muffler and Turbo Outlet Simulator
Mk7 GTI Stock Muffler and Turbo Outlet Simulator

What it does:

In terms of performance the turbo muffler delete is supposed to increase throttle response by reducing air turbulence according to Integrated Engineering.

Test Cases:

Three test cases are evaluated:

  1. Stock turbo muffler without the modeled outlet housing.
  2. Stock turbo muffler with the outlet housing.
  3. Integrated Engineering muffler delete with the outlet housing.
Integrated Engineering Turbo Outlet Muffler Flow Test
Integrated Engineering Turbo Muffler Delete Flow Test


The chart below shows the airflow readings for each test case.

IE TMD vs Mk7 GTI Stock Turbo Muffler
IE TMD vs Mk7 GTI Stock Turbo Muffler


The openings in the side of the stock turbo muffler are potential pathways for air to enter the charge air system when the muffler housing is absent.   This is a configuration that does not exist on the vehicle but was tested to see what the affect on airflow would be.

Comparing the two stock muffler cases it is evident that enclosing the muffler inside a housing increases airflow significantly, roughly a 14% gain.  This is likely due to the housing eliminating the airflow being introduced tangential to the main airstream.

Comparing the stock muffler with the IE muffler shows a negligible difference in airflow.  It is unlikely that the IE muffler outlet will lead to less air turbulence and increased throttle response given that the airflow reading is no different than the stock part it is sold to replace.

5 thoughts on “Integrated Engineering Turbo Muffler vs Stock”

  1. It would be nice to compare the EQT charge pipe with their turbo muffler delete.
    Looking at these results I wonder now if a bigger diameter will do any difference. Hmmm

    1. That is exactly what I was thinking about. I would love to see the test on the turbo outlet pipe.

  2. I’ll be taking a look at a couple of the charge pipe upgrades and comparing them to the stock parts.

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