Neuspeed Front Mount Intercooler Flow Test

Neuspeed Re-do

The Neuspeed Stage2 FMIC is an interesting product to test because it is an edge case, one of the test points that sets a boundary for all of the intercoolers that have been tested.  The Neuspeed intercooler has relatively low airflow which translates to higher pressure drop.

Neuspeed Front Mount Intercooler Flow Test
Neuspeed Front Mount Intercooler Flow Test

I have in mind an idea to try the Neuspeed as a bicooler, to offset the low airflow, but first I wanted to double check the previous results.  Attaching the Neusepeed to the flow bench and performing an airflow test produced nearly identical results as the last test, 117 CFM at 28″ of H2O, compared to 116 CFM for the previous test sample.

ARM Motorsports FMIC Flow Results
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New since the last test are on-vehicle pressure drop readings for a number of intercoolers, values that correlate well to the flow bench measurements.  Extrapolating the data to the Neuspeed airflow value of 117 CFM gives a predicted pressure drop of 6.3 psi.  The pressure drop readings are maximum values measured using my GTI with an IS38+ turbo at peak boost pressure of approximately 28 psi tapering to ~23 psi.

Neuspeed Mk7 FMIC Predicted Pressure Drop
Neuspeed FMIC Predicted Pressure Drop

A future test will involve installing the Neuspeed FMIC on my GTI and measuring the actual pressure drop on the vehicle, then comparing that with the predicted value.