Frost King vs DEI Gold Wrap

Airbox Insulating Wrap Test

During the airbox intake air temperature testing it became apparent that most intakes perform about the same when it comes to delivering “cold” air to the turbocharger – poorly. The topic of wrap on an intake occasionally comes up as a way to keep those temperatures down.  Gold foil wrap is the go-to product when […]

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Air Scoop Throttle Response

This test of the air scoop involved measuring throttle response. Throttle response is being defined as the time between the Accelerator Pedal Position reaching 50% during rapid depression toward full throttle and when the first indication of positive pressure is reported by the MAP sensor, referred to sometimes as boost threshold. In this test the

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Mk7 GTI Air Scoop Boost Onset Test

Air Scoop Boost Onset

Another test for the air scoop is to see if boost onset is changed between having the scoop installed and the opening covered. For this test the GTI is driven in third gear and the accelerator pressed fully to a pedal position of 100 from a start of 0 input angle.  This pedal position is

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