VW Golf GTI Sport

I’ve been keeping my mind open about all options for a Golf GTI/R but hadn’t thought about the Sport trim line.  While I was checking out some car sale websites I came across this ad: A BRAND NEW GTI sport for $21,877?  Wow! The end of 2017 sales push is on and there are some […]

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VW Golf R

Close Call

I came very close to purchasing a used 2016 Golf R.  The particular car I was interested in was modified extensively with bolt ons, not always a positive, and in fact a number of the after market parts on this Golf R were ones I was not interested in having.  What made this particular vehicle

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Dragy GPS Acceleration Datalogger

Dragy Datalogger

I’m getting a little ahead of myself by purchasing this gadget before I have the car. I’m always on the lookout for a gadget that will help with measuring the vehicle performance and for some time I have been debating between the Gtech and VBOX but had not pulled the trigger on account of the

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