Underhood Temperature Data Logging System Ready

Mk7 GTI Underhood Cruising Temperature

During discussion following some initial evaluation of air intake systems the topic of temperature inside the engine compartment came up.  The subject of underhood temperature was introduced as a consideration when choosing between a ‘closed’ or ‘open’ intake air system. The first question I had was, ‘what are the underhood temperatures like?’ The Setup: After […]

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Mk7 GTI FMIC - eBay V

eBay FMIC v2 Installed

Installation of the second version of an eBay FMIC on my Mk7 GTI. This product appears to be a copycat of the Mabotech, or perhaps the vendor that Mabotech obtains the intercooler from also sells it under a different brand name.  Either way, dimensionally they measure out similarly. This front mount intercooler is supplied with

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