VW Golf R Front Wheel

Modification Research

Power Increase Stock: 210 hp / 258 lb-ft torque (advertised by VW) P-Flo / Corsa catback: 225 hp and 262 lb-ft torque (Dynapack) Boost Increaser: BK Tuning Power Box: 258 hp / 322 lb-ft torque Neuspeed Power Module: 248 hp / 300 lb-ft at the wheels (Dynapack) ECU Flash: Unitronic Stage 1 ECU Flash: 262 hp / 298 lb-ft of …

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VW Golf Search Underway

I will end up using the next few posts to backtrack and cover some of the considerations I have been giving thought to up to this point. In short, I am on the lookout for a decent VW Golf GTI or possibly VW Golf R.  I’m focusing on the 2015, 2016, and 2017 model years. …

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Introduction to VW

My VAG Automobile Number One My first car was not one that I purchased, my parent’s bought it to give to me, or perhaps it was a sneaky way to punish me while at the same time relieving themselves of chauffeur duties.   For the grand sum of $200 a well worn Volkswagen 412 “Estate” model became …

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